Saturday, 8 March 2014

Once More, Unto the Code!

So, the time has come once again. For the third consecutive year, I shall be subjecting myself to 24 consecutive hours of constant CODING! Last year our team won the LiSC prize for 'Critical Design', and this year we're looking to do even better! Please forgive the exclamation mark spam but I'm quite excited. I'm going to keep this post short, as I believe we will be starting soon (or at least, the theme will be revealed soon) and I don't want to slow my team down by spending all of my time writing these attempts at humour posts. That being said, I wish any of my competitors reading this the best of luck, and I look forward to seeing what monstrosities games this whole thing produces!

Until we meet again!

Friday, 7 March 2014


Hello and welcome to the DarkWagtail Games blog, the home of my game development and random musings. I'll be using this blog to write about whatever I'm currently working on, what I'm doing with it, how I'm doing it, or indeed anything else I feel like talking about. Basically, you'll find a lot of game development and general coding stories here, except for when you won't. Also, when I use the word 'basically', don't expect the following sentence to have anything resembling a logical or coherent explanation/thought process, much less anything actually basic.

Anyway, now that my convoluted introduction is out of the way, I will bid you, dear reader, adieu. I do hope you will keep watch for future updates, as I'm sure I'll find plenty to ramble on about. Tomorrow (8/3/14) I will be attending my University's annual 24 hour game jam for its third year of operations (as well as my third year of attending it), so I'll definitely be posting something before it begins and after it has ended. I may even find time to squeeze out an update or two during the development of my team's game (whatever that will be).

Oh, and lastly (no really, I promise), if you'd like to know about any of my previous work, check out my portfolio here. I talk about the games and projects I've had a hand in during my time so far at University, as well as the things I have worked on outside of an academic environment. Download links will be put up 'soon'.

Until we meet again!